High Ability learners with Neuro-Developmental Disorders shine

Learners with Neuro-Developmental Disabilities shine in their careers. The South African Institute on High Ability and Talent Development conference was hosted in October 2018 as a collaborative project between The University of Central Florida, USA, the Department of Educational Psychology in the UJ Faculty of Education, The Johannesburg Institute for Advanced Studies and The School of Tourism and Hospitality.

Dr Jean Fourie presented an overview of Neuro-Developmental Disabilities and strategies for the education of high ability learners to succeed in tertiary studies.

Dr Lynn Holmes shared her personal experiences as a person living with attention deficit disorder. She overcame the challenges of concentration deficits, achieved her matriculation and continued with tertiary studies to become an Educational Psychology and she achieved her Phd this year.

Even though Dr Nadia Louw was born prematurely, with persistence she overcame her learning disabilities and attained her matriculation. She completed her Phd in Educational Psychology and runs a successful practice in a school.

D Lynn Holmes presented a case of a learner who overcame severe dyslexia, learnt compensatory strategies to read and taught himself to fly airplanes as his dream